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Barilla Cannelloni Pasta - 250 gm

  • Made with 100% high-quality durum wheat semolina.
  • Gmo-free.
  • Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water.
  • Pack size: 250 gm

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Millions of families around the world rely on the Barilla Blue Packet , as from the moment the wheat is planted to the time the pack hits the shelf, Barilla experts carry out nearly 1,000,000 quality checks every year. Barilla pays
special attention to the quality of the ingredients used in the manufacture of all of its products. Only the finest quality durum wheat and crystal clear water are included in Barilla Pasta .

The pasta is made from durum wheat. Constant quality control of products. Cook before use, according to the instructions on the pack

Cook for 7 minutes before use, according to the instructions on the pack.