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Katsuobushi Fish Flakes - 100 gm

  • Katsuobushi dried mackerel flakes: dried mackerel, salt, sugar.
  • Weight: 100 gm.
  • Product of China.

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Katsuobushi in Japanese means smoked and fermented tuna.
It is an essential dish in the Asian tradition. It is usually cut into thin slices and flakes and served with sushi rice balls.
You can also serve it as a topping for pasta, a side dish for stir-fries, or even enhance your soups and salads with its intense tasty flavor.



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5 Star
5 Star
29 March 2021

Really good but the only issue is the expiration date is really close

5 Star
8 March 2021

Is this what we use to make a korean (mamil guksu)?

5 Star
1 March 2021

Perfect 😍

5 Star
menna mohamed
29 January 2021

It's perfect i used it to make katsuobushi dashi for ramen and it tasted really good

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