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Morinaga Firm Tofu Curd - 349 gm

  • Brand : Morinaga
  • Size : 349 Gram

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Morinaga Firm Tofu is great healthy food that well-known in Japan that is made by clotting soy milk until it becomes firm enough to press into lumps that are low in fat, but high in protein.

This Tofu kind is soft tofu with off-white glance in tetra pak container to help keep out light, oxygen and micro organisms for fresh-tasting tofu every time. Mori-nu by Morinaga are concerned about the use of genetically modified foods and use only 100% GM-free soybeans to make high-quality tofu.

Glaze it up with soy sauce drizzles, fry or bake for your meat or chicken side dishes and breakfast plate or use as a yummy ingredient while cooking as it's a great alternative to eggs and the best vegan cheese for your vegan meals' style.



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4.43 Star
5 Star
24 November 2020


5 Star
18 October 2020


5 Star
Yasmine M. AbdelNaeem
10 July 2020

This tofu is amazing!!
I tried making miso soup and added the tofu, it was so soft and melted in my mouth right away.
High quality tofu indeed. 😁

1 Star
Fatimah Mohammad
5 July 2020

In fact I didn’t like the taste at all it reminds me somehow of avocado.. a plain taste without salt or sugar.

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