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Bakalland Musli 5 dry fruits and nuts - 300 g

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Bakalland Musli 5 dry fruits and nuts It's tasty and nutritious muesli - extraordinary for breakfast or as a snack when you are hungry. They taste great with warm and cold milk or natural yogurt. Bakalland BA! Crunchy muesli is a combination of oatmeal with 5 various delicacies: cranberries, raisins, hazelnuts, apricots and almonds. Slow roasted, blissful crunch. Oatmeal and dried fruit are a solid portion of valuable carbohydrates. That's why Bakalland BA! Crunchy muesli provides a specific dose of energy that persists for a long time. Bet on a healthy and nutritious snack during the day. Choose Bakalland BA! Muesli crunchy and recharge with positive energy.

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