Bamboo Japanese Rice Plate – 25*8.5 cm

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  • Size: 25*8.5 cm
  • Material :Wood


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Commonly known as hangiri, wooden sushi rice bowl, is a vital tool in the creation of sushi. Used in the final steps of preparing the rice used in sushi, the hangiri is used to help the cooked rice cool and is vital in the dressing of sushi rice.

The large flat base design of this wooden sushi rice bowl helps with the even cooling and balanced mixing of rice vinegar, sugar and salt in the preparation of sushi rice.

Japanese hinoki wood comes from a breed of cypress tree native to Japan. Hinoki trees provide timber of the highest quality, and as a result, hinoki wood is used in the construction of royal palaces, shrines, temples and baths.

Other than its well-known quality, hinoki wood is the preferred material for hangiris because hinoki wood helps to absorb some of the excess moisture from cooked rice.

A quality addition to the kitchen of any sushi lover, this wooden sushi rice bowl makes a creative and useful gift for anyone who enjoys sushi.

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