Glass Noodles – 250 gm

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Glass Noodles is an Asian cuisine tradition, they are transparent gluten & grain free noodles made mainly of starch & water. Our package is dry but easy cooked as you only need to add boiled water to it then you’re free to use it as a side dish for stir-fried products, use it in soups or serve it with spring rolls for a joyful snack. You may also spice it up by adding chili flakes!






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10 reviews for Glass Noodles – 250 gm

  1. Nivene mahgoub

    I love this noodles

  2. n.a.mahgoub

    I love this glass noodles

  3. sadnysue12

    It is so good, have a thin texture and so light in taste
    It is worth buying and have low calories suitable for healthy styles
    I recommand it with soy & oyster sauces

  4. داليا رفعت

    انا عايزة اعرف هو رفيع انا بفضل الرفيعة وليست السميكة واية احسن طريقة بتتعمل بيها

  5. Dalia refaat

    I love thin not fat and i need 2 vercimilli plz

  6. Nour


  7. Svetlana Kolodeznaia

    molto saporito! Very tasty!

  8. Shaymaa Mohammed

    ياريت تكون متقسمه عشان مش سهل تاخد جزء بس لازم تتعمل علي مره واحده

  9. Fatma

    I couldn’t cook it properly so I didn’t like it if anyone know how please advice 😅

  10. Yassmin Askar

    تحفة انا قطعتها بالمقص و خزنتها في علبة علشان الكيس بيكفي ٤ وجبات. انا غليت المياه و حطتها بالضبط ٥ دقايق و بعدين طلعتها و حطيت عليها الصوص اللي عملته.

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