Gochujang Korean Red Chili Paste 500 gm

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Gochujang ingredients: wheat flour, water, red chili, garlic, onion, rice flour, glucose. Weight: 500 gm. Product of South Korea.


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This Korean spicy paste is not like your regular spicy condiment, for it is a richer, thicker, and stickier ingredient. Best described as a mix of pungent taste and earthy sweetness, use it to add a Korean flavor to your homemade dishes.

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  1. Aya (verified owner)

    It’s just the cheapest gochujang in the market! It taste amazing and it makes perfect Ttokubokki. Just add some ketchap and water with it and you are good to go.
    ارخص صوص جوتشوتشانج في السوق و بجد طعمه رائع. انا عملت بيه رابوكي و كانت حلوه جدا. بس ضيفوا ميه و كاتشاب معاه و هيبقى جاهز و مش لازم يطبخ.

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