Grants Smoked Scottish Salmon – 100 gm

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  • Brand : Grants
  • Size : 100 gm


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Traditional Rope Hung Smoked Scottish Salmon

At Grants we are proud to be one of the few remaining commercial smokehouses to continue the centuries old craft of rope hung smoked salmon.

With this award-winning product we abandon all the cost saving and conveniences of modern production methods and step back into the past. The result is an exceptional, distinct smoked salmon which we consider the world’s best.

Our hand selected farmed salmon is delivered fresh twice a week from the free flowing, clean, open waters off the Scottish Coast. The fillets are then prepared by hand for curing and allowed to rest. Using natural sea salt and sugar, we cure each fillet for up to 12 hours before carefully rinsing the fish. We then secure a rope to the tail of each fillet and hang to mature for 24 hours before the smoking process begins. In our open fire, brick-built kiln we slowly burn oak whiskey barrels.

The cool smoke is allowed to envelope the free hanging fillets for up to 36 hours and monitored carefully to ensure perfect temperature and humidity. With years of experience, our head smoker knows exactly when the salmon is ready to leave the smoker. The fish is then allowed to mature for a minimum of 48 hours to allow the exquisite buttery texture and strong but delicate smoke flavour to fully develop.

Due to the traditional methods we use, this remarkable smoked salmon is produced in small batches and is available in limited supply. But what else would you expect from a smoked salmon which can proudly sit alongside the finest food and drinks from across the planet?


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6 reviews for Grants Smoked Scottish Salmon – 100 gm

  1. Ashraf Salam

    مش ممكن الجودة والطعم ده، حقيقى خيال، شكرا لانكم بتجيبوا المنتجات ديه مصر

  2. Yara

    The Best of the best

  3. Slah Ahmed

    Exceptional quality and taste, should be provided in 200g

  4. Dina Hussien

    Cost is high, maybe the most expensive in Egypt for 100 gram, but really taste exceptionally classy. Hope to see 200 or 400 grams.

  5. Michael Samy

    Bamoot feh begad haga a7’er fa7’ama

  6. Ahmed Raslan


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