Samyang Hot Carbonara & Chicken Korean Ramen Noodles 130 gm

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Noodles Ingredients: wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, refined palm oil, modified potato starch, refined salt, emulsifier, citric acid, thickener, green tea flavor oil.

Soup Ingredients: water, artificial chicken flavor powder, soy sauce, white sugar, red pepper powder, chili pepper powder, soybean oil, onion, red pepper seed oil, garlic, modified potato starch, paprika extract, decolorized chili extract, black pepper powder, curry powder.

Powder Ingredients: whole milk powder, white sugar, milk powder, salt, mozzarella cheese powder, butter powder, modified potato starch, curly parsley, pepper powder, garlic powder, soybean oil.
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Easy, cheesy, spicy, speedy!
This Samyang Hot Carbonara and Chicken Ramen is a fiery satisfaction to your Korean ramen noodles craving, dressed in a cheerful coloured packet, while bursting inside with spicy, very cheese-infused flavor of the unique carbo (carbonara), giving the velvety, creamy texture, levelled up with chicken hints, sesame seeds and grilled seaweed flakes.

This Samyang carbo noodles packet contains the ramen block to tuck later, a spicy seasoning sauce sachet, cheese seasoning powder sachet to develop your spicy sauce of sweet pleasant notes.

It’s jazzy to flames lovers and goes juicy for those who don’t want their taste buds to get nuked.


Cooking Directions:
1. Put the noodles into 600 ml boiling water and cook for 5 minutes.
2. Drain the noodles, add liquid soup into the noodles, and stir-fry for 30 seconds.
3. Add cheese powder and stir well and serve.

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32 reviews for Samyang Hot Carbonara & Chicken Korean Ramen Noodles 130 gm

  1. Veronica Safwat

    Didn’t taste it yet to review it

  2. hananmohy

    من احلي انواع الراميون المفضلة بالنسبه لي 😍

  3. nada.alitaha

    Tried this one today, not the best one but, still yummy

  4. Fatma

    Good noodles ❤️

  5. hagar

    طعمها حلو عجبنى اوى انصح بتجربتها

  6. AHassan

    It’s really yummy, bit spicy but there’s so much flavor going on with the spices

  7. hagaruchan (verified owner)

    It’s really delicious.

  8. Amal

    I wonder why only one packet i can buy ?

  9. Sherif

    It’s really delicious and really tasty sauce it’s also very versatile you could add vegetables and sausages to it

  10. Mowafak

    Why everything is out of stock… Like pls just restock them

  11. Mariam

    I want it

  12. Ghada

    until when it would be out of stock?! Please restock!

  13. Mariam Khairy (verified owner)

    Ma favourite

  14. tamara.ibrahim100

    Very sweet like mushroom soup recommend to add some salt and soya but overall amazing and spicy <3

  15. Mahmoud

    very nice experience

  16. Bssma


  17. adel

    pretty good this website is so underrated btw

  18. nony

    it’s one of my favorite and it actually delicious

  19. Aya

    Love it!!!

  20. Elian

    Absolutely amazing, the best one by far. Much better than the cheese one.

    Most flavor. Please get 10 packs of these, or 5 packs.

    Calories: 530, so be careful

  21. Lobna (verified owner)


  22. monagego2

    The best

  23. Hussein Khalil

    The best one but always out of stock. Please restock soon!

  24. sosomuhannad

    Please restock ittt🥺

    • Sherif Kassab

      will do

  25. monagego2

    It’s the best , please restock it soon 😍

  26. Lobna (verified owner)

    please restore it

  27. Jana Mahmoud

    هو امتي هيتوفر تاني

  28. Ibrahim

    طعمه سئ جدا

  29. Emy

    نكهه خفيفه جدا لكن افضل من نكهة الجبنه شويه

  30. Mamdouh mostafa

    حبيتها جدا وبقت من الانواع المفضله عندي بنصح بتجربتها ❤

  31. shams (verified owner)

    This one is so yummy

  32. Eman (verified owner)

    I love it

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