Jongga Korean Mat Spicy Cabbage Kimchi – 160 gm

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In stock


Jongga is the Number 1 Kimchi brand worldwide.
This gluten free, low-fat and high-fiber dish is enjoyed around the world.

Kimchi is a naturally aged Korean pickled cabbage, Napa (occasionally, with radish) made with a mix of fresh garlic, ginger, scallions, with special Korean red hot peppers and other natural spices.

These ingredients are fermented in a tightly closed jar and are subsequently served with rice, noodles or soups in every Korean’s household.

For all the hot and spicy food lovers this kimchi will become their best friend because it is not only delicious, but will bring health nutrition to their everyday meal.



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13 reviews for Jongga Korean Mat Spicy Cabbage Kimchi – 160 gm

  1. الاء

    طعمه تحفه جدااااااااااا ومضبوط بس غالي شوية⁦♥️

  2. Mohamed Morgan

    Love kimchi

  3. b4rdise

    حلو جدا يا ريت يفضل متوفر على طول

  4. Hasnaaa


  5. Reem

    طعمه حلو جدا جدا ❤️


    WoooW amazing

  7. Esraa

    لسة هجربه

  8. Reem M.

    تحفة!! طعمه مظبوط جداً كأني سافرت كوريا أكله. ياريت تجيبوا عبوات حجمها أكبر من نفس الماركة
    Jonga jib kimchi

  9. Mery

    Very Delicious

  10. aalaa.ezzelarab

    طعمه تحفة و نضيف جدا اللهم بارك … المشكلة بس الحجم .. يعني الحجم دا صغير جدااا يعني كمية لشخص واحد لوجبه واحدة

  11. Yassmin Askar

    طعمه حلو جدا لكن حجمه صغير و فيه طعم المعلبات لكن غير ملحوظ.

  12. Rokaia

    مكتوب عليه انه حلال؟

    • Shahin (verified owner)

      اه يا فندم

  13. Fatimah Mohammad

    طعمه رائع ممكن اكرره تاني

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