KEWPIE Mayonnaise No Sugar 1 kg

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Ingredients: soybean oil 78%, eggs 12%, vinegar 4%. Contains eggs and mustard. Manufactured be KEWPIE Thailand. Under the supervision of KEWPIE Tokyo, Japan.

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Made from high-quality ingredients, pasteurized eggs and hygienic processes, KEWPIE Mayonnaise No Sugar is a sugar-free mayonnaise that is rich, creamy, and smooth. It is best suited as a base for salad dressings, dipping sauces or use as a spread for baked goods such as sandwiches as well.

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  1. منار صبرى

    احلى من المايونيز العادى. طعم غنى و فيه قليل من الماستردة. بضيفه فى السلطات مع صوابع الكابوريا و الذرة الحلوة و البيض المسلوق ممتاز

  2. AbdelRahman Hawy

    طعمه حلو ومظبوط

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