Preserved Mustard Tuber 80 gm

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Preserved mustard tuber: preserved mustard, salt, white sugar, flavour enhancer, acidity regulator, rapeseed oil, stabilizer, sweetener, spices. Weight: 80 gm. Product of China.


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Preserved sliced mustard tuber is made of the stem of mustard green. The stem is cut into shreds, salted, and left to mature in spices for months. It may be eaten with rice, buns, stir-fries, broth, or silken tofu.

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  1. hebasagr

    كرانشي، مالح، حلو، منعش…. طبق جانبي ممتاز لوجبة أسيوية من اي بلد… انا أكلتها جنب نودلز تان مين و كيمتشي و لأول مرة الاقي طبق جانبي ينافس الكيمتشي 😅

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