Samyang Korean Super Hot Spicy Chicken Sauce 200g

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127.00EGP 95.25EGP

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Original sauce of Hack Bulldark Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodle Soup
Extremely Spicy


No Hallal Logo




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7 reviews for Samyang Korean Super Hot Spicy Chicken Sauce 200g

  1. Amira

    Check the main company in korea it irregular bin behind the food service in Islamic countries even though it written halal on!!!!

    • Sherif Kassab

      Hi Amira, We already checked this before cooperate with the company

  2. shenanigans86

    Super spicy, very flavorful, authentic — you don’t get a lot in the bottle but it’s quite concentrated so it will last you a while anyway. Just a tiny drop made my tongue burn. If you want a hot sauce that actually burns go for this, highly recommend.

  3. ahmed.1180

    I’m so pleased ZUMRA with the quality service 🥰
    Wonderful Taste for Super spicy lovers ✌🏻🦋
    5 Stars ✨

  4. Maha

    Great selection of items Zumra!
    Keep it up we need more of the korean and japanese products in Egypt.

    Thank you for providing these items

  5. Malak hamdy


  6. pink-chef (verified owner)

    Strong and spicy flavor, works on everything needs a spicy kick
    Simply love it❤️❤️❤️

  7. Asmaa (verified owner)

    حار بزيادة حتى الناس اللي بتحب الاكل الحار صعب عليهم

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