Serano Roasted Salted In-Shell Pistachios – 150 gm

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  • Brand: Serano
  • Size: 150 gm
  • Country Of Origin: Cyprus

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Pistachios are especially rich in phytosterols, which are directly associated with lowering cholesterol levels and may offer protection from certain types of cancer.
Pistachios are a very high-quality plant source of protein, providing adequate and balanced amounts of essential amino acids. In addition, pistachios are relatively high in nonessential amino acid, arginine, which may play a potential role in the prevention or reduction of cardiovascular disease. While pistachios contain fat, the fat is predominantly monounsaturated, similar to that found in olive oil.

SERANO is the main export brand of the company, currently in more than 20 countries in EU, UK, Southern Africa, MENA region and soon expanding to China & Nth America.



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