Soly Smoked Salmon – 200 gm

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  • Brand : Soly
  • Size : 200 gm


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Smoked salmon are one of the healthiest seafood’s for its high nutritional benefits and low calories. They are thin slices of salmon fillet that has been cleaned & smoked in high or low temperatures for a special seafood flavor. Used most commonly in sushi rolls. Serve it with a lemon squeeze & pepper for extra delight! You can also mix it with butter and lettuce for a tasty club sandwich.




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5 reviews for Soly Smoked Salmon – 200 gm

  1. Mik

    Delicious and tasty

  2. Tasnim Ahmed


  3. Sara

    Very testy

  4. Jenna


  5. Muhammad Kodous

    Fabulous ✨👌🏼

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