Stute Apricot Jam – Sugar-Free – 430 Gm

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  • Brand: Stute
  • Size: 430 gram
  • Country of origin: England


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Stute Sugar-free Jam offers a healthier alternative to ordinary jam, containing 90% less sugar and 30% less calories.

We don’t see the need to add sugar to something that is already naturally sweet. We add 40% more fruit than ordinary jams you can be confident the taste it great!

Ingredients :
Sweetener sorbitol


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3 reviews for Stute Apricot Jam – Sugar-Free – 430 Gm

  1. Rasha Alkholi

    High quality food

  2. Alaa

    Great taste👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Dr. Rania Lotfy

    Very nice taste

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