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The Fine Art of Preparing Sushi at Home in Less than 10 Mins

If you’re a sushi lover, then you’re in the right place!

Our bundle offers you a massive discount on the best sushi items that will inspire your inner chef and gives you all the motives to cook your favorite sushi dish!

Sushi Recipe


For the Tempura Paste:

Add to the tempura flour; water, eggs, salt, and pepper. Then, mix them together to have a light creamy texture.

For The Spicy Mayonnaise:

Mix mayonnaise with sriracha sauce, sesame oil, orange caviar, and Togarashi (red pepper).

Adding a lemon squeeze is optional upon desire.


    1. Boil botan sushi rice, without adding any spices to it. After filtering the rice from the water, add to it the sushi rice vinegar.
    2. Place the sushi nori sheet on a bamboo mat, then cover the sheet with an even layer of prepared sushi rice. Smooth gently with the rice paddle.
    3. Layer salmon, cream cheese, and shrimps on the rice and roll it up tightly then slice with a sharp knife.
    4. Dip the slices into the tempura flour and one more time into the tempura paste then place them in the fry pan to get fried.
    5. Serve with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayonnaise.

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2 reviews for Sushi Homemade Bundle

  1. AbdelRahman Hawy

    full kit

  2. Sushi Lovers

    The Perfect Proffional Sushi Homemade Full Kit is:
    (Rolling Mat 27cm +ShopSticks 100 pcs +Nori 50 shits +500gm Siracha +1k Wasabi +1.1k Ginger +1k Soya Sauce +1k Teryaki sauce +1k Vinger Rice +1k Sushi Rice +1k Tempura Flour +1k Bread Crumbs)
    (Crab Sticks + Smoked Mix seafood).

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