Sushi Vinegar 1 ltr

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In stock


This acid aids in boosting your digestive health




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6 reviews for Sushi Vinegar 1 ltr

  1. Yasmine M. AbdelNaeem (verified owner)

    Tastes a bit sweet, which is perfect for making sushi. The bottle is huge though. I wish there were smaller sizes. 😀

  2. هبه

    خل السوشى

  3. هبه

    عايزة ورق نورى ٥٠ شيت وخل السوشى

  4. Semsem

    i need the 500 ml bottle
    1 liter is so big for beginner

  5. Nada (verified owner)

    Essential for sushi, i bought this after trying to make it at home and it’s more than perfect, save your effort and get this

  6. Sushi Lovers

    ارجو توفير خل الارز حجم صغيره 150 مل فقط يكفوا لعمل 1 كيلو رز سوشي فالمنزل

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