Young Mi Original Korean Spicy Rice Cake Tteokbokki – 120g

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With Young Mi Rice Cake Original Tteokbokki, each bite is a joy to take! As it’s captured out the most delicious Korean street-food “spicy rice cake tteokbokki” in a dazzling container.

These instant tteokbokki ingredients are simple but wild to taste, containing cylinder-shaped, soft and chewy high-quality white rice cake with slightly spicy and sweet red chili sauce.

It’s super easy to prepare this Korean spicy rice cake in less than 3 mins.

How to get your tteokbokki cup ready?
-Put rice cakes and their powder into the cup.
-Add 100ml water to the inside line and stir well.
-Cook in microwave for 2 min 30 sec. Max. on (1000 watt).
-Don’t close the cover too tightly, as it may pop off.
-Take it out, stir again well and enjoy!
-Avoid adding too much water to get well, thick tteokbokki sauce not a soup and to not spoil the taste.
-If you don’t have microwave, no problem, just use your rice cooker or cook on stove.
-But remember hot water is not enough to cook this tteokbokki, as it’s not like processed fried noodles.

It’s also spelled as ddukbokki, ddeokbokki, dukbokki or topokki, 떡볶이.

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16 reviews for Young Mi Original Korean Spicy Rice Cake Tteokbokki – 120g

  1. salwaelzeny2014


  2. Fatma

    Need this, rice cake

  3. Heba

    طعمه لذيذ و نسبة حلاوته و شطشطه مناسبة لذوقي ضفتله بصل اخضر و بيضة مسلوقة 😋 لكن عيبه سعره غالي جدا (انا بشتري كيلو الجراتوك من توماتو ب50 جنية)مقارنة بالكمية و كمان صدمني لما ملقتش ف العبوة لا خضار مجفف و لا كعك السمك زي براندات تانية، لكن اشهد إن الرايس كيك قوامه بيمضغ و طعمه أفضل من بتاع توماتو

  4. E

    I’ve received a notification that it was restocked only to find out it’s out of stock again :/
    please restock more

  5. Rana

    restock please

  6. Nayera

    ياريت تجيبوا تاني بسرعة

  7. الاء


  8. shams

    It’s so delicious and soft the same way i got it from any restaurant 💕

  9. Reem Alsayed

    Is there a hallal logo ?

    • Shahin


  10. Mery

    Very Delicious

  11. shams (verified owner)

    It’s yummy and hot but i like it, I ordered it twice just in few days

  12. Fatma (verified owner)

    Really loved it but i hope it was cheaper

  13. b4rdise

    حلو جدا يا ريت يفضل متوفر على طول

  14. Sara ahmed


  15. Yassmin Askar

    طعمه حلو جدا و كمان بيشبع اكلته علي مرتين. سعره غالي شوية بس يستاهل و ممكن تضيف ليه اي حاجة تحبها.

  16. Memo

    i love these ricecakes so much! they’re even better than the ones you’d find at a korean restaurant.
    i’m addicted

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