Young Mi Original Korean Carbonara Rice Cake Tteokbokki – 120 gm

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  • Brand: Young Mi
  • Size: 120 grams
  • Country of origin: Korea


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A velvety and tasty rhythm of Carbonara Korean Rice Cake Tteokbokki awaits!
It’s tasty with cheesy and creamy hints, the best seller in Gangnam (Korean city) and considered similar to cream pasta.

These instant tteokbokki ingredients are simple but wild to taste, containing cylinder-shaped, soft and chewy high-quality white rice cake with Carbonara sauce.

It’s super easy to prepare this Korean rice cake in less than 3 mins.

How to get your tteokbokki cup ready?
-Put rice cakes and their powder into the cup.
-Add 100ml water to the inside line and stir well.
-Cook in microwave for 2 min 30 sec. Max. on (1000 watt).
-Don’t close the cover too tightly, as it may pop off.
-Take it out, stir again well and enjoy!

-Avoid adding too much water to get well, thick tteokbokki sauce not a soup and to not spoil the taste.
-If you don’t have microwave, no problem, just use your rice cooker or cook on stove.
-But remember hot water is not enough to cook this tteokbokki, as it’s not like processed fried noodles.

It’s also spelled as ddukbokki, ddeokbokki, dukbokki or topokki, 떡볶이.

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  1. Shaymaa (verified owner)

    هاتوا منها تاني

  2. Zeina Shabaan

    It’s so good

  3. Mon

    So good 😍 can you please bring the jumbo one

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