ZUMRA Large Sauce Set

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If you don’t feel like eating then your plate needs a sauce. Zumra is offering you a set of sauces to sense the spice in every bite!

There isn’t a guideline for sauces, you can go beyond all cooking stereotypes and make your own creative taste.

However, here are some suggestions

Soya sauce has a liquid-like texture that makes a great marinade to stews, noodles and vegetables for giving them a brown glaze & a flavor.

Sriracha has a thick texture & used commonly as a dipping for stir-fry products for it’s spicy taste.

Oyster sauce has a gloth syrup-like texture & adds a savory flavor for Chinese dishes especially sushi rolls, chicken and noodles.

Sweet Chili sauce has a bit thick texture & a savory, tangy and super spicy taste. It also has various usages as it may be used as a dipping for nachos or a dressing for pastas.


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