ZUMRA Light Soy Sauce 150 ml

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Water, salt, 11% soybeans, wheat flour, monosodium glutamate, potassium sorbate E202.


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Light soy sauce is a thin (low viscosity), opaque, lighter brown soy sauce, brewed by first culturing steamed wheat and soybeans with Aspergillus, and then letting the mixture ferment in brine. It is the main soy sauce used for seasoning, since it is saltier, has less noticeable color, and also adds a distinct flavor.

Light soy sauce is used with dishes that are not intended to change color !, But the aim is to add more salinity than sugar and is it often used with chicken or in salads or with fried rice and with chicken seasoning or cold appetizers and any marinade dish you want to add it!

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