Zumra Sushi Nori 10 Sheets – 4 Pcs

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Zumra Sushi Nori 10 Sheets – 4 Pcs

It’s a great pleasure to try the nori leaves rich in vitamins and minerals, in making different forms of sushi rolls, in addition to the usual you can wrap them in a conical shape, and you can wrap the onige (Japanese rice balls), Korean kimbab and sushi tacos as well.

The innovations are endless when cut and added to soup dishes and meals, or prepared as snacks and crispy when fried with tempura flour.

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  1. Menna Rashad


  2. Mervat Khatab

    المره الأولي للشراء من موقعكم و اتمني ان يحوز اعجابي

  3. Mervat Khatab

    منتجات ممتازة

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