ZUMRA Sushi Nori 10 Sheets

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In stock


Zumra’s Sushi Nori sheets are dried laver seaweed compressed into thin layers that is used in wrapping sushi, coating rice & makes a perfect snack when fried with tempura flour. Its distinguishable flavor makes it a garnish for many Chinese plates and salads especially when cut into bite sized strips.




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6 reviews for ZUMRA Sushi Nori 10 Sheets

  1. Jina (verified owner)


  2. noura.abdallah791987

    Excellent all around 👍

  3. Mirette Maged

    Thank you zumra 💖

  4. shams

    I thought that’s not gonna taste like regular nori which i eat usually. But it is so good❤️

  5. hebasagr (verified owner)

    ممتاز لكن حساه رقيق شوية علي الرولز و بعض الورق اتقطع ف اللف و اضطريت استخدم ورقة و نص…. لكن غير كدا طعمه لذيذ و مفيهوش ريحة زفرة

  6. Minamony122

    Good food

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