For over 4 years

Zumrafood have provided a large variety of Asian food ingredients

Including seasoning, dry foods, vinegar & spices, sauce & condiments, frozen and canned, these all comes with the most modern tools & equipment, to be able to cook your hand made Asian meal at home!

Enlarging our import line, we have expanded to import from China, Korea, Thailand, India, and USA, bringing to you the most unique Asian tastes, with different flavors & high quality to be added to your kitchen.

Since 2011 we have been experienced in Asian cuisines and hospitality, starting from the Japanese cuisine, passing by the Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine, and finally the Chinese cuisine. We are working on distributing the best food quality & tools used in making it, by touring the world and bring it to you.

We are using our own logistic network to deliver from door to door, and continuing the searching journey for trademarks and non-trademarks food products from east in China to west in USA, by which we create our slogan and company identity “Quality is our mission, Service is our passion”. Try a new taste for you food for your life, choose it now from our website , shop now!

Quality is Priority

Our mission in Zumra world is to serve the best quality for all our ingredients.

Be Your Own Chef

We help you cook all your beloved dishes at your home using our unique ingredients.

Door to Door Delivery

We deliver within 24-48 hours in Cairo, 48-72 hours other governments.