Delivery / Return

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Express Delivery

All products you have purchased from our website have shipping rules so when you type your address and enter your correct data, you’ll be responsible for the products. The process of receiving your product is done through your physical possession or as soon as it is delivered in accordance with the delivery instructions. If you have received a shipping confirmation but have not reached your products, please confirm that you are in line with the delivery times provided to you by email to confirm your shipment.

How do I return an item?
When you purchase Zumra products, you can return products during delivery if there is a damaged or invalid product and No product purchased can be returned through our website.
Return time
you can return frozen items within a maximum of 24 hours, any other products can be returned within 14 days.
Conditions for all Returns and Exchanges
If the goods are returned to us, they must be unused, in addition to placing them in the original packaging, and must be kept until we come and if the goods are damaged or failed to do so will be withheld or incurred, and you must make sure that your return package is packed and preferably in its original box. We will refund all funds received from you within three (3) business days of receiving the product (products) from you.
Returns Procedure
You can return products you have purchased from the zumra website only if you have purchased products from a retail store or another website Products must be returned to the store or original location from which they were purchased. If you are not satisfied for any reason about your Zumra products, please follow our returns procedures, so that we can help you exchange or refund your order.
Delivery costs

A\ If you return one piece, the cost will be deducted.

B\ In the event of an exchange there will be no additional charges for you.

C\ If you return all the items you have purchased there will be no discount.

D\ In the case of returns, you will only be refunded the value of the goods ordered.

E\ If the goods are damaged or defective, you will not pay any additional fees.